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Doop Officer Indiana
In god we trust-baal
Vital statistics
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Birthdate February 8, 2668
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Gender Female
Species Robot (Computer operated Artifical Construct)
Race Nodes
Series/Type/Class: Iberian Warrior
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Electric Blue
Height 5ft., 2in.
Weight 211lbs.
Profession/Occupation Super Earth Wind and Fire Spirit
Faction Democratic Order Of Planets
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Current Status: Alive/Active
Homeworld/Reality Planet Earth
Military Background/Career
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Ships Posting: N.X.A. Armageddon
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Rank: DOOP Starship Commanding Officer (Captain)
Personal Weapons Systems
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Weapons (Basic) 12 Positron Particle Cannons (on Back retracting QuadraTentacle array)
  • 2 Lightning Strike EM Sword
  • 4 Tornado breath
  • 2 Aurora strength transition
  • 3 Perspective movement Transport
Heavy Weapons {{{heavy}}}
Wonder Woman - DC Anime Heroine Series
Basic Combat Duty Uniform

Indiana The High Priestess of indignation Edit

Indiana travels the highways and buy ways relieving moral perpatude "weary indignation" from laden travellers ,Indiana ponders the inadequateness of cumbersome service.

Indiana High Priestess of indignation. A moment of "Silence" ,,,,,,,,, You may stand and be the equal. Indiana says , just to have made this journey you are all equal and are welcome. Indie bestows the new DOOP Officer Tron with survival prevaricator justices that is required of a DOOP Officer.Tron with a lowered head remarks on the gravity of the scurge that has crippled this community.Indie explains to Tron , they were under the republic spell , the inquisitor war of delusion and absolution , in god we trust that equality will rain down and vanish the destitution of compulsiveness occupations and devaluations of are believes , Tron lifts his head with expression of new hope.

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