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  • Name: Plasma Eye

Plasma Eye is the eye that can see that the byakugan, he can see the system chakra, the chakra level and type of chakra enemy that is able to use. A ninja who possession the Supekutorugan can create jutsu of all the elements. The elements are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lava, Sand, Metal, Ice, Wood, Lightning and Plasma only. The difference with Supekutogan and Sharingan is that the Supekutogan can all copy. But Supekutogan can not copy technical genjutsu and Kinjutsu.

Special infoEdit

The user can do like a Water Clone and after do a Earth Clone and after a Water Clone and after a Shadow Clone and after a Fire Clone................ You must get too the point!

It the same for Mutli Clones Jutsus.


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