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Ninja Planet
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The Ninja Planet is the planet of all the ninja's in the naruto series.

The Shinobi World, a.k.a. Ninja Planet is the planet where ninjas and many animal species live. It is also home to special areas like Hebikyokoku and Myobokuzan. The world is made of 7 continents, the 5 Great Nations being the largest and the Unknown being the smallest.


While the world has different nations, one person watches over the world and assists in times of crisis. The leader is the Sekennousama which is Seireitou Hyuga ????.


The Sebunshiki With Sebunshiki being Calypso (六式, Seven Powers) is the name given to the 7 world leaders who each govern their own continent.

    • Leader of Lost Lands
    • Current Leader: Rosutorikujou Sennin
  • Unknown:
    • Leader of The Land of Shadows
    • Current Leader: Kyuudou Sennin
  • Unknown:
    • Leader of Land of Fruit
    • Current Leader: Kam Sennin
  • Unknown:
    • Leader of The Land of the Sun
    • Current Leader: Sun Sennin

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Nicknamed the "Great Lands", the 5 (6) Great Nations is the largest continent in the entire world. Consisting of 5 separate nations, each named after one of the 5 basic elements Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and lightning. The 5 Great nations is where most of the action takes place between ninja and in real world connection, is like the United States (North America). Every one of the 5 nations has a hidden village as its capitol with a Kage leader in charge and a Feudal Lord in charge of the entire nation. It provides most of the economy throughout the world, and serves as a center of trade. While every nation has their own leadership, the Gokage Sennin is the leader of the entire 5 nations which is currently Rashi Sunimaru the Third Gokage Sennin.


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The Shinobi World
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